Show Goals

With the upcoming 3 day show this weekend, I got to thinking what my goal would be for this show. Every show I go to I have a goal that I strive for, whether that is getting clean flying changes, not breaking into canter during our trot extensions, or not jigging during the extended walk (the very bane of my existence).

For this show I have come up with two goals. The first one is that I want to be happy with our tests. I see so many riders who, once finished their test, leave the arena with a disappointed expression, some forgetting to even pat their horse. Once out of the arena they only talk about what went wrong in the test, but not what went right. I came to realize that I sort of do the same thing. Although I always praise Hope once we’ve finished our test, I always think how I could have done something better, I tend to focus on what went wrong, rather than what went right. It struck me that I’d never finished a test and been truly happy with it, my goal for this show is just that. No matter what happens during our test, when I finish I want to be happy with Hope and myself. Since Hope is so willing, and tries her heart out for me, I know that if we don’t achieve this it would only be my fault.

On to the second goal, I want to ride all of our tests boldly. I often ride very wimpy in the show ring, I play it safe. I go for clean, rather than extraordinary. For this show I plan to ask for that little bit more, even if we have a few blips because of it, the quality of the movements will increase. Even for just trying, I know it’ll make me happy, which will surely fulfill goal #1.

Here’s to trying for our best show yet, with many more to come!