Review – Ecolicious Equestrian


Ecolicious Equestrian is my favorite brand of horse grooming products. This company makes an assortment of completely natural, chemical free grooming products (from hoof oil to shampoo, and everything in between!). The fact that Ecolicious uses only natural and organic ingredients was the biggest reason why I started using their products. I am a big fan of chemical and silicone free products, especially when it comes to my horse. I always cringe when people put products on their horses with warning labels that say “wash immediately with soap and water if contact with skin occurs”. If the company feels it necessary to put a warning about the product being potentially dangerous if contact with human skin is made, why on earth would you want to put that product on your horse? Especially considering that horses will scratch and chew on themselves (or groom other horses) and might end up ingesting some of that product with a warning that takes up 1/3 of the label. My motto is that if I can’t use it on myself, then I don’t want to put it on my horse!

It is true, that a lot of people do not like to use the natural grooming products because they typically do not work as well as the chemical and silicone laden ones, but I am pleased to say that Ecolicious is not one of them. After trying numerous of other natural products, and having disappointing results, Ecolicious was practically my final hope. With all of their products that I have used, I have gotten wonderful results. My horses have never been shinier or softer.


An added bonus with the Ecolicious Equestrian products is that they smell divine. They all have either a deliciously citricy (is that even a word?) or coconut scent. They smell so good in fact, that my farrier even commented on how nice my horse smelled, and asked what products I used; and this was over the smell of burning hoof as he placed a heated shoe on my mare’s hoof. Now there’s a testament to how strong (yet not overpowering) their fragrance is!

I have tried practically all of their equine products, and a great thing about all of them is that a little goes a long way. These products last me a surprisingly long time, because I only need to use a small amount of them. Ecolicious also offers a line of human products, but I have not yet tried any of them.

For a more detailed review of their individual products, I have listed and described my experiences with the products that I have used below:

Squeaky Green & Clean Shampoo~

This shampoo both conditions and cleans the horse’s coat, and as an added bonus it has tea tree oil in it, so it also has antibacterial properties. I love this shampoo, after using it my horses are silky soft and super shiny. I’m very sensitive to drying agents in shampoos, so much so that there only a handful of shampoos that I can use on myself. Ecolicious’ Squeaky Green & Clean Shampoo is one of the few shampoos that doesn’t dry out my hands after I use it. Also, this shampoo suds up and foams a wonderful amount (which for some reason, is oddly satisfying). Additionally, it is also biodegradable, so you don’t need to worry about it getting into your waterways or killing off your grass.

This shampoo is also great at combating dandruff, and from keeping your horse from getting dandruffy. Most shampoos I have used will remove dandruff after a bit of scrubbing, but the scaly skin is usually back within a couple of days,but with this shampoo it actually gets rid of the dandruff for good (or, for at least several weeks).

This product is also great at getting out stubborn stains. Green stains and random poo spots on my tobiano miniature wash out easily and quickly with this shampoo. It brightens white socks and stockings really well, and gives them a glorious sheen. This shampoo also seems to deter stains from setting in after I have used it, which is of course every horse person’s dream (a clean horse for a longer period of time!).

Silky Rinse out Moisturizing Conditioner~

This is by far my favorite conditioner that I have ever used. Oils and fatty acids contained in it help to moisturize and condition the coat, and I can attest that it certainly does. I have found that it really restores damaged and sun bleached hair. My black mini, Max, has a horrible issue with his mane being frizzed and frazzled from sun damage. This is the only conditioner that I have found that makes any significant, noticeable, and long lasting difference on his mane. His mane goes from being a dull, fuzzy mess, to a silky and shiny mass of tangle free hair.

For already healthy and non-damaged coats, this conditioner creates a gorgeous shine, and makes them incredibly soft and smooth. However, despite their reflective appearance and polished coat, this conditioner doesn’t make the hair slippery, nor cause the saddle to slide.

Like the shampoo, the conditioner also has tea tree oil for added antibacterial properties. Also, silk powder contained in this conditioner acts as a natural sunscreen, helping to ward off the damaging effect of the sun’s UV rays.

Blinded by the White, Total Body Whitening Treatment~

This is a great whitening product, and it creates the most lustrous coat. I much prefer using this product over the traditional whitening shampoos (you know the ones, the blue ones that have a risk of giving your horse a purple hue if you leave it on too long). Asides from no longer having heart failure from applying a bright blue goo all over my white horse, I do find that it works better than the other ones that I’ve tried.

The only downfall that I can say about this product is that it does need to be left in for a long time, at least 30 minutes. However, I think that the wait is definitely worth while, especially considering that I no longer have to fear about having a purple horse the day before a show.

Pearly white mini after his whitening treatment

Squeaky Green & Clean Waterless Shampoo~

Living in the dreary and wet west coast of Canada, bathing my horses with water isn’t always an option (especially if one does not have access to hot water). In situations when it is just too cold to bathe, or for when I don’t have enough time, Ecolicious’ waterless shampoo has been a life saver.

It’s super easy to use, simply spray on, let sit for a few minutes, and then towel off. It’s great for getting that stubborn dust out that gets trapped under a winter coat, and for that last minute clean before a show. It leaves my horse’s coat shiny and smooth, plus it smells great!

Gloss Enhancing Coat Tonic~

This is the all natural and silicone free version of ShowSheen (the biggest difference is that I can spray it on my horse’s back and not worry about the saddle slipping and sending me plummeting towards the earth). The ingredients in this product have reflective properties, causing it to catch the light and create a shimmering mirror on your horse’s coat.

It also contains essential fatty acids that help to condition the coat, and the incorporated silk powder acts as a natural sunscreen. My mind is at ease when I use this product because it doesn’t have any chemicals or silicones in it, substances that will ultimately dry out your horse’s hair and cause more harm than good. I absolutely love this product, it really does create the ultimate show ring shine, and I make sure that my grooming tote is never without it.

De-Stress Intense Restructuring & Detangling Treatment~

In a base of coconut oil, and filled with vitamins, fatty acids, and other oils, this is a great detangler. Since it is very oily, a little goes a long way. I just squirt a small amount (less than the circumference of the tip of my pinky finger) into my hand, and smooth it over my horse’s tail. I can then easily brush out any tangles.

It has added sunflower extract to help prevent damage from UV rays, and it also contains tea tree oil to improve scalp health and prevent itching. Additionally, the coconut oil and other fatty acids condition and nourish the hair.

Before finding this product, I had liked to use straight coconut oil on my horse’s tail, but I found that a little annoying and not as easy to use as I’d hoped. This product however is super easy and convenient to use, and combines all of the beneficial properties of using straight coconut oil.

Moisture Maniac Mane & Tail Detangling Infusion~

This detangling product isn’t as heavy duty as the De-Stress coconut oil one, but it works marvelously well for everyday use on tails that are regularly cleaned and brushed out. As the name suggests, this product moisturizes the hair, while providing a light detangling effect. For heavily tangled manes and tails, or for manes and tails that just haven’t had regular care, then I would use the De-Stress treatment first, and then switch to this product.

When used on a regular basis, it creates shiny and tangle-free tails. Unlike chemical detanglers, that tend to build up on the hair and actually end up causing more tangles in the long run, this product creates a long lasting, tangle-free tail. This product also gives the hair a very healthy appearance, whereas some chemical detanglers can end up creating the tail to look dull after a couple of hours after application of said product.

In Control Conditioning Mane Setting Cream~

This is by far my favorite product to use when braiding to give that extra hold and grip on the hair. Being a dressage rider, I of course braid for every show (well, almost every show. Sometimes I have been known to neglect the smaller, one day schooling shows), so I have tried numerous different products to provide grip on the mane. Ecolicious’ Mane Setting Cream is the only one that I really like. It provides just the right amount of grip, but not so much that it makes the mane sticky and tacky feeling.

I love that it is in a cream format, rather than a spray. I can get exactly the right amount in the exact spot I need. I also find that the cream is better at taming those random flyaway hairs. As an added bonus, it is filled with different vitamins that help to condition and to restore elasticity to damaged hair. This is now the only product that I’ll use when I’m braiding.

Glamorous all Natural Face Highlighter~

I used this product when I was involved in the world of in-hand miniature horse showing. This products gives a lovely, subtle shimmer, a much better look than the gross, greasy appearance that baby oil gives. Filled with conditioning and moisturizing ingredients, it also soothes the skin and protects it from UV rays.

I really appreciated the look that this product gave my horse, it was enough of a shine to highlight my mini’s delicate muzzle, but not so much that it looked like I just dunked his head in a bucket of olive oil.

I no longer have a need for this product, because I am no longer competing my minis in the in-hand shows, but if I ever returned to that world, then I would use this product again without hesitation.

So Fresh & So Green Equine Body Spray~

I love to use this product after I ride to help remove sweat marks and to condition the coat. Chock full of gentle essential oils and plant extracts, this product is great for it’s antibacterial and soothing properties. It also contains sunflower seed extract, so it also acts as a natural sunscreen to help prevent sun bleaching.

I have also found that this products works quite well as a fly spray. I have found that flies and other flying insects don’t like the smell of it, and stay clear of my horse for a couple of hours after I have applied it. So it is definitely a wining concoction of ingredients.

Hoof Therapy, Restorative & Protective Serum~

This is so far the only hoof oil that I have found that actually works. It is designed as a moisturizer to help prevent cracks and chipping, and I have found that it does live up to it’s claims. When I apply this on a regular basis, my mare has immaculate hooves, but if I run out of it, then she soon develops a couple of chips in her feet. Asides from being a good moisturizer, it also contains ingredients that enhance hoof colour, eliminating the need of the chemical laden hoof polishes for shows.

It also has antibacterial properties, containing tea tree oil, burdock root extract, and lavender oil.

I have been extremely happy with all of the Ecolicious Equestrian grooming products that I have used, and I plan to continue to use them on a regular basis. Overall, I would give Ecolicious Equestrian a solid 5 stars.


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