Touch of Class ~ Show Goals


A couple of days ago I sent in my entries for the big gold dressage show on June 16th-18th, Touch of Class. I’ve always wanted to go to this show, but I’ve never had the guts to enter it. Even though it technically isn’t any bigger or more important than other gold shows I’ve been to, this show does seem bigger and fancier. For the past several years I’ve always gone to watch the show, but I have never actually been in it. This show is always well attended, and it usually attracts the bigger name trainers and fancier horses, hence why I’ve always been scared off of it before.

However, this year I decided to give it a shot. I thought that it would be interesting to get the comments from FEI 4* and 5* judges, and to start to get used to competing at the larger shows.

I didn’t enter many classes, because Hope typically prefers to only do one test per day. I’ll be doing third level test 3 on the first day, our third level freestyle on the second day (our first time doing it at a gold show), and third level test 3 again on the final day. I’m excited for this opportunity, and I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve been thinking what my goals are for this show, and I’ve decided that there isn’t really one specific movement that I want to improve. We are getting a lot more consistent in our tests now, and I think that my goal now is to increase the overall quality of the entire test. I want to give all of my effort on these tests, and do the best that I possibly can. I want to give 100% of what I have to offer, that way, even if we don’t do all that well in comparison to the other competitors, I’ll know that we did our best, and gave it our best effort. I want to have fun at this show, and to be happy with the effort I put into it, and if I give it my utmost effort, I know I will be.

Epic results come from persistence and from a long haul approach. In other words, you must develop patience. Having a strategic plan gives you certainty that you will achieve your targets in the long run.

 One (maybe THE biggest) factor for epic results is actually effort.

 Putting maximum effort into what ever you do will give you the best results and highest satisfaction.

 Use every challenge as an opportunity for you to show maximum effort and your innate talent.

~Dirk Stroda



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