Group Projects: Kill Me Now

As much as I say how I appreciate everyone’s individuality and unique personality, sometimes I wish we were a little less dissimilar. In most of my college classes, they all have at least one group project. I’m normally game for them, and always head into them full of energy and hope. I always try to be optimistic, and try my best to help anyone who is struggling in the group. I really don’t mind spending some extra time with a group member if they need help. However, something that always makes me fume is when group members do nothing and don’t care about it. I’m sure anyone who has gone through post-secondary has experienced this, where they do 90% of the work, and the other members hardly do anything.

group project

I know that I am somewhat unusual in the fact that I like getting projects and assignments done as early as possible, any assignment that I do by myself I normally have it mostly finished at least a week before it is due, and add finishing touches and revisions in the days before it’s due. I always get my assignments 100% finished, printed out, and ready to go two days early. That’s just who I am. I understand that not everyone is like this, and I’m okay with it. However, I draw the line at group members not communicating at all, and refusing to do any work until two days before the project is due.

I know that people are busy, and have other courses and assignments that need to be done, but for a complete lack of communication, there is no good excuse.


In any assignment, but in a group project especially, I try my best, and put all of my effort into it. Even if people let me down, and don’t uphold their end of the deal, I still keep mine. I expect everyone do their part, and put in the work necessary to complete the assignment well, and on time.

In riding, you cannot have a one way relationship. Both horse and rider have to be willing to work, and to try their best. Otherwise, harmony will never be reached.


I put this thought into work in every project I do, whether that be at work, at school, or riding. I try my best, and urge every individual I work with, horse or human, to do the same. As a disjointed unit, nothing good can come from it, but as a successful team, the sky’s the limit.

I have an inkling that I’ll continue to be in groups where some of the members do not put in their best effort, but I still will. No matter how many times I am disappointed, and left to do the work on my own, I will still keep hope, I will still try to help them, and I will still try my best.


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