30 Things About Me

May as Well Event started a blog post about 30 things about her. I thought that it was such a good idea that I decided to follow suit. I always find it interesting to learn new odds and ends about people. So, without further ado, here are 30 things about me:

1) The first horse I rode was an older chestnut appendix mare named Bellatrix.


2) I am currently going to college to complete a 2 year diploma in Sport Science (it’s a lot of biology, biomechanics, psychology in relation to sport, and general sport culture/ sociology). This counts as half of a bachelor degree.

3) I’ll be transferring to a university next year to get a bachelor in kinesiology. This will be an additional 2 years of schooling.

4) After I get my bachelor of kinesiology, my current long term goal is to go to chiropractic school and become certified. I’ve always been interested in chiropractics, so this really would be a dream job for me.

5) My favorite subject in school is creative writing, with biology coming a close second. I’m not at all interested in botany or any type of plant biology, I never have been, but I am utterly fascinated in the anatomy and physiology of animals, humans included.

6) When I was young (or, younger) I was terrified and completely petrified of any mention of human anatomy, especially bones. Just the very mention of anything to do with a human body would turn me into a squeaking puddle of horror. Now, bones and muscles are my favorite part of biology.

This image would have had me screaming in a corner when I was a kid

7) Eight years ago I leased an appaloosa gelding for a year. He was a hot firecracker who barely had any breaks. Going forward was his strong point, but stopping wasn’t.

Quest and me with the ribbons we won together

8) I have never broken any bones. With all the stupid things I’ve done through my life, it’s kind of surprising that I haven’t broken anything.

9) I have scoliosis. Some of the vertebrae in my lumbar spine are wedge shaped, giving me a spinal curvature, and annoyingly uneven hips and shoulders. This makes it nearly impossible for me to sit level, adding an extra challenge to riding.

10) I want to go as far as I possible can in dressage. Whether that be Prix St. George or Grand Prix, as long as I put in all of my effort, I’ll be happy.

11) I’ve fallen off of Hope more than I have with any other horse I’ve ridden.

12) I have been rudely deposited on the ground by Hope twice while at a show. Both times was when we were doing jumpers. Once was in the warm-up ring, and once was in the actual competition ring, with a horrifying amount of spectators.

Me not falling off at a show

13) Despite jumpers being supposedly more “exciting” than dressage, I always found it boring. This is not to say that I was so proficient at it that I didn’t feel challenged, in fact, I royally floundered in that particular discipline. It just didn’t excite me.

Look Ma! No hands!

14) I am the youngest of five siblings.

15) My favorite food is cheese, and no, I don’t see a problem with this.

16) My favorite type of cuisine is Indian. I could eat curry everyday and not get sick of it.

17) I’ve always wanted to live in Prince Edward Island. I attribute my fascination with the place due to the Anne of Green Gables books.

I could definitely live here. Photo retrieved from John Sylvester Photography

18) I used to play the piano, not very well, but I could play it. I stopped a couple of years ago when I started college, I just didn’t have the time anymore. At my first piano recital I was awarded the Most Outstanding Student.

19) For some strange reason, I love making up potential names for future horses. My favorite that I have come up with so far is the barn name as “Allele” (which is a segment of a gene, here is my biology geekiness coming through) and the show name as “Perfect Combination” (Get it? This horse has the perfect mixture of genes!).

20) I have never traveled outside of Canada. I’ve only been on an airplane twice, and that was only to the neighboring province of Alberta for a weekend.

21) I am weirdly talented in my ability to cross stitch. I love making up patterns and spending hours stitching away.

Max and Aeras immobilized in cross stitch

22) I am also a self taught crocheter. I don’t make any super complicated things, mostly just scarves, toques, and ear bonnets for Hope.

23) I was in Girl Scouts for a couple of years as a Brownie (why do they have to come up with such absurd names for the different age groups?). This was definitely not something that I loved. Camping and getting rained on in the woods is not something that I particularly relish.

24) I did Highland dancing for a few years as a kid. I really loved it, and sort of wish that I hadn’t stopped. If I had the opportunity, I would like to start up again.

25) I was home schooled all the way up to college. I never once stepped foot in a school throughout my entire childhood.

26) My sister was a dairy goat breeder for years, and at one point we had over 30 goats! I now thoroughly despise goats with a vengeance. I don’t care how cute they look, after one has lived with them for so many years, you can’t help but be driven insane by them.

27) For as long as I can remember, I’ve had rabbits. Mostly I have had Rex rabbits, but I’ve also had French lops and my current rabbit is a Netherland Dwarf cross Rex.

Frodo, my current rabbit

28) I’ve owned one cat who I got when I was around 5, and named her Pouf. As far as strange names that children give their pets, I suppose that “Pouf” was more on the creative side.

Pouf, her one bent ear gave her a lot of character

29) I am a Christian. I always have been, and even though most of my siblings are no longer religious I have been steadfast.

30) There is one song that basically sums up my life:

I might have no idea what I am doing, but I’m pretty good at making it look like I do, and if I don’t, I can always just make it up.




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