Maremma Mondays

2018-09-07 01.15.40

Ayla has been keeping herself busy with the ending of summer and with Fall drawing nearer. She’s typically either nibbling on an apple that she plucked off the tree or snoozing in remaining patches of sun when it’s not raining.

2018-09-07 01.16.28
Enjoying her freshly picked apple
2018-09-07 01.25.56
Enjoying her freshly picked stick off of the apple tree

I finally had some time the other day to take some pictures of Ayla wearing her new “designer” collars. I got her a couple of adorable collars a few weeks ago, but I hadn’t actually taken any pictures of her wearing them.

2018-09-07 01.22.08

2018-09-07 01.26.58

I think it’s a bit frivolous for a farm dog who basically stays at home 24/7 to have pretty collars, but then again, both Ayla and I are a little bit frivolous.

2018-09-07 01.27.20
“Who? Me?”

I tried to account for Ayla’s fluff with the collars and ordered them wider than traditional ones, but her fuzz does a pretty good job of managing to hide the collars.

2018-09-07 01.28.47

She doesn’t seem to mind, however, and appears to quite like her decorative grab holders.



3 thoughts on “Maremma Mondays

  1. Ayla is adorable! And those new collars look very cute on her:) where did you find the collars? It’s sometimes hard to find ones with such cute pattern on them as those!

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