About Us

I plan to use this blog as a way to keep track of the progress my horse and I have made throughout our dressage adventure, striving to reach the impossible, while still understanding our limitations.

About Me~

I started riding in 2009 at a small, local stable. When I first started out I immersed myself in doing a little bit of all of the disciplines, both English and western. I showed at the local riding club competing in English hack/ pleasure classes, hunters, and western pleasure classes. At that point in time I hadn’t chosen a specific discipline that I wanted to focus on, but I was fairly convinced that I wanted to move up to the jumper ring. It was my Mum who wanted me to ride dressage, she always loved to watch the musical freestyles, and thought that it would be safer than jumping. I, however, detested dressage, and it was the one discipline that I was adamant that I didn’t want to take part in. This feeling of detest stayed with me throughout my first couple of years of riding.

It wasn’t until I saw a video of Nuno Oliviera that I was awestruck of how beautiful classical dressage can be. I was inspired, and thought how incredible it would be to have that kind of connection with your horse, to be able to ride like that. I was hooked.

I started showing dressage in 2013, and have been steadily progressing ever since.

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About Hope~


Hope’s Promise (AKA Hope), is the horse who has made my dream a possibility. Born in 1998, she’s a true “old soul”, and a fantastic schoolmaster. Standing at 16.3 hands, and being the most rich chocolaty-bay one can imagine, she really is a sight to behold. Despite being very attractive to look at (or perhaps I’m just biased), her breeding is really nothing special. She’s akin to an appendix, although registered as a Canadian sport horse. She has absolutely average and un-extraordinary movement, but her personality and presence always get noticed, even among a ring filled with dark bay horses. She always stands out, and being the princess that she is, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

I first saw Hope in 2014 as an unfit, underweight, and scraggly haired pasture mate. Although it wasn’t love at first sight, I just knew she was the horse for me, despite her then rather unattractive outwards appearance, and I’ve never looked back.

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This blog will document our trials and tribulations that we experience on this never ending journey of self-improvement.